Name: Andersonville Theological Seminary

Location: Camilla, Georgia

Levels of degrees offered: Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate


ATS is a great distance learning seminary if you can’t take online classes.  ATS sends you all of your lectures for several classes at a time, which you listen to and take your tests.  I think the average is around 16 hours of lectures for each class.

Andersonville Theological Seminary offers Degree Majors in Theology, Ministry, Divinity, Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, and Christian Education

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7 Comments to “Andersonville Theological Seminary”

  1. RaShaun Washington says:

    greetins I must say that ATS is one of the best in distant learning, i just completed my B. Min in just seven months.I had up to two years but I set my own schedule. Now that I have completed that course I am about to persuit my M.Div.

  2. Pastor Leslie E. Phillips, Jr. says:

    Can you forward additional info about your theological seminary.
    Cost per person. Is your accreditation recognized nationally here in the USA.

    Thanks, Pastor Phillips

  3. David Mayu says:

    I will very greatful to you if you send me info on your distance learning program at ATS . I will like to get info on a correspondence course in Christian counseling .

  4. admin says:

    This is a website with many different seminary reviews, including ATS. If you want info from Andersonville, please contact Andersonville Theological Seminary directly. You should be able to find a link to them somewhere on this site.

  5. MAJOR ROY JONES says:


  6. admin says:

    Feel free to browse the list of schools that are reviewed here. If you’d like to enroll, I suggest you contact that school.

  7. admin says:

    @Pastor Leslie: No, I cannot. This website is not affiliated with any seminary. It merely provides a platform for former students to provide their feedback on the seminaries they’ve attended.

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